Jyotirling With Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar is very much debated. There is a Bhimashankara temple near Pune(pictured) in Maharashtra, which was referred to as Daakini country, but Kashipurin Uttarakhand was also referred to as Daakini country in ancient days and a Bhimashkar Temple known as ShreeMoteshwar Mahadev is present there. Another Bhimashankar is in the Sahyadrirange of Maharashtra. The Bhimashankar temple[10] near Guwahati, Assam is the jyotirlinga according to Sivapuran. According to Linga Purana, Bhimasankar temple in Bhimpur near Gunupur of Rayagada districtin South Orissa is also believed as Bhimasankar Jyotirlinga, which is situated at the western part of the holy Mahendragiri mountains and at the river bank of Mahendratanaya(which is also believed as the Daakini area by many historian), was excavated in the year 1974, having quadrangular Shakti around the Linga and decorated by a Upavita as per the puran.


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